I was suppose to be in Mexico this week but I needed to take a bit of downtime so I decided to change flights literally at the last minute and head to Florida to get my mind right. I’m helping my friends build a house in Mexico and was really looking forward to the trip, but it’ll have to wait.

Check out the first 3 videos I made while I was down there in the summer (2012).

Thank you to all those who have purchased The Debut. In a soft launch over the first couple weeks of its release the DVD has already sold over 500 copies.

Here’s the trailer:


The documentary takes the viewer into the world of monstrous humans. Often classified as “freaks” this doc features one of the most feared up-and-coming bodybuilders in the world, Ben Pakulski (Toronto native).

Beginning in Venice, California the film follows Ben during the final 4 days before his debut at the world’s biggest bodybuilding competition. This inspirational story ends with Ben on the big stage in Las Vegas, competing for the Mr. Olympia title.

Besides watching Pumping Iron I knew nothing about bodybuilding, but after much research and filming I sat down in the editing room and tried to create something that both fans and general viewers would be able to appreciate.

Response has been so positive that thanks to the encouragement and guidance from producer/director/friend Paul Kemp, I decided to create a director’s cut to be submitted to Hot Docs (if you don’t know what hot docs is then learn about it). I’ll be selling the special edition DVD on here in the coming months.

While I’m really hoping to get in I realize it is a bit of a long shot. The initial goal of the project was simply to create something for Ben’s fans. I didn’t go into the project thinking that it had the possibility of getting into festivals. It only struck me on the last night, when I snuck past security, went backstage and began rolling that I knew I was filming something special. It was at that point that I started kicking myself for not setting it up better in the early stages.

Lesson 1 of 2013: do everything with your best intention from the very start

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